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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 17 19:06:38 PST 2002

I'd said:

>Take a look at my paragraph that you quoted above. It was
>right in front of your face. I'd said I wasn't agreeing with
>you _because I hadn't rechecked & printed-out the definition._
>Whether the probability that a given candidate X is elected can
>only decrease when additional candidates are nominated doesn't
>mean anything with respect to compliance with IIAC unless
>that's what IIAC is about.

Markus replied:

Then instead of writing that you haven't checked the definition,
why don't you check the definition? Or do you believe that already
the fact that you haven't checked the definition has such an
importance that you should tell it to everyone?

I repy:

As before, I direct your attention to the message to which you
are replying. Right after the paragraph that you quoted, I said
that someone could say that it's pointless to say that I don't agree
with you because I don't have your definition, but that I said it
to avoid any misleading implication that I agree with something
whose accuracy I haven't checked.

I can't believe that you're still posting about that "issue", but
it wouldn't be the first time that you wasted archive space in that

Markus continues:

Does it really
take so long for you to check the definition?

I reply:

That depends on how long "so long" is. I said that I wasn't
agreeing with the statement, instead of returning to the archives
to find your definition, because I didn't have much time on that

Maybe you'll post yet again about this, to say that I should have
waited till the next day, after I'd had time to check the definition.

If it were a really important issue, I would have. As it was, I
wasted only very little space with that one sentence that dislaimed
agreement with the statement. How that part of my reply was dealt
with didn't seem important, since it wasn't an important part of the

I'm answering that objection in advance in order to close this "issue"
here. Markus, try to consider how these unnecessary messages look
when they clutter the EM archives.

Mike Ossipoff

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