[EM] Re: When Will AV defeat a majority candidate

Alexander Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Wed Jan 16 10:46:28 PST 2002

Mr. Ossipoff-

You wrote:

>The person who wrote the letter whose subject line is quoted in
>this letter's subject line should forward his reply to _Science_,
>on the chance that they might print it. Or if they don't print it,
>at least they'll read it.

Thank-you, I'll consider it.  It's a shame that some third parties have
joined the IRV bandwagon, while Approval gets almost no attention.

Ironically, you wrote of one of the CVD authors

>Being a physicist certainly qualifies someone on voting systems. Notice,
>though, that the physicist's name was last in the list, with Richie and
>his CVD friend listed first.

I am actually a physicist myself, but also an amateur afficionado of voting
systems.  Oh, well, I'm not offended ;)

Alex Small

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