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Sun Jan 13 21:57:19 PST 2002

Prof. Amy in his recent book has this to say in regard to possible 
nonmonotonic results using IRV--

*In some circumstances more first-place votes may hurt, rather than help, a 
candidate's chances of being elected.  This complicated paradox involves a 
situation in which a candidate's receiving more votes can change the order in 
which other candidates are eliminated, with the result that their votes are 
transferred in ways that ultimately help a rival of the first candidate.
    While it is clear that nonmontonicity can theoretically occur in an IRV 
election, most experts believe that the conditions required for this paradox 
to occur are so special that it would be an extremely rare occurrence.*

In footnotes he cites

David M. Farrell, Comparing Electoral Systems (1997), pp. 134-136 (book)

Crispin Allard, Lack of Monotonicity- Revisited, 33 Representation 49 (1995) 

Behind the Ballot Box, Douglas J. Amy, pp. 55 (text), 63 (footnotes) (2000, 

Complain/ explain to Prof Amy and not me.

Folks with some time can look up the cites and report to the list -- 
especially about any examples in the cites.

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