[EM] Approval, FBC, voter influence

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 00:03:16 PST 2002

That never occurred to me about Approval & FBC. The A, B, & C factions in 
example could be in different time-zones, and it could happen as you 

Then the matter of whether voting is simultaneous & the matter of whether 
is secret must be included in the definition of a voting system. Approval 
FBC, then, if its voting is neither simultaneous or secret.

We can't make it simultaneous in a country that spans 4 timezones, but we 
make it secret. Not only can that FBC violation happen when voting isn't 
secret, but
additionally it could be said that the Western voters have an information 
advantage over
the Eastern voters, and that should be considered unacceptable.

That information advantage, by itself, is enough reason to not publish 
election results
till everyone has voted. So the kind of Approval that violates FBC is a kind 
that shouldn't
be used, for other reasons too.

Mike Ossipoff

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