[EM] Interesting use of Borda count

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Tue Jan 1 15:17:21 PST 2002

I wonder if Bennett's ballot was counted per Borda rules -- i.e.
Bennetts's first choice receiving 10 points, the remaining nine
receiving 5 points each. 

If this were a public election held in Florida, Bennett's candidate
would have contested the election, claiming that either the election
method or the voter instructions were at fault, causing Bennett to cast
non-optimal ballot.  The result being, of course, that Bennett was
robbed of her voting rights by being allowed to vote incorrectly.

Anthony Simmons wrote:
> Interesting use of Borda count.  Note that one voter insisted
> on interpreting it as CR.  (There was obviously no strategic
> reason to vote the way she did.)
> >> Terrorist attacks top news story in AP poll
> >> SURVEY: Journalists put Afghan war in No. 2 spot
> >> David Crary; The Associated Press
> >> From the first hijacking to the collapse of the second
> >> World Trade Center tower, the terror attacks of Sept. 11
> >> spanned less than three hours. But the effects were
> >> profound and long lasting, at home and around the world.
> >> Understandably, the attacks were the unanimous choice as
> >> the top news story of 2001, according to The Associated
> >> Press' annual survey of its members.
> >> The story received a first-place ranking from all of the
> >> 354 AP newspaper and broadcast members who voted on the
> >> year's top news events. The war on terrorism, including
> >> the campaign against al-Qaida and the Taliban in
> >> Afghanistan, was the overwhelming choice as the No. 2
> >> story of the year.
> >> The deaths - and widespread fears - caused by anthrax-
> >> tainted mail ranked as the No. 3 story, followed by the
> >> start of a recession.
> >> Amanda Bennett, editor of the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-
> >> Leader, made only one entry - the terrorist attacks - on
> >> her ballot even though 10 choices were allowed.
> >> "The gap between Number One and Number Two is so huge that
> >> it's not worth going there," she wrote.
> >> This was the 66th year that the AP polled its members. A
> >> first-place vote gave a story 10 points, a second-place
> >> vote 9 points, and so on. The top story last year was the
> >> nearly deadlocked presidential election.

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