[EM] D'Hondt without lists

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Sat Aug 17 17:50:48 PDT 2002

Here's an example of a Condorcet-like PR method:

In the first round put the Ranked Pairs winner C1 into the winners'

In the second round compute a modified pairwise matrix by giving weight
1/2 to each pairwise preference in which C1 is preferred above both of the
candidates in the pairwise comparison.

Then augment the winners' circle by the Ranked Pairs winner computed from
the modified pairwise matrix.

In each subsequent round for each ballot re-compute the pairwise matrix
for the remaining candidates by giving a weight of one over one more than
the number of candidates in the winners' circle that are ranked above both
of the candidates being compared.



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