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Sat Aug 17 15:52:30 PDT 2002

Someone wrote:

in that light, the quarrels that some of us have with IRV supporters are
like quarrels between scientists with different ideas for curing cancer,
not a quarrel between a cancer researcher and a tobacco executive.

I reply:

Howabout quarrels between legitimate cancer researchers and
promoters of bullshit snake-oil as a cancer cure? We've all heard
about how phoney cures waste valuable time when they distract people
from genuine cures.

Sure, there are a few ways in which IRV is marginally better than
Plurality, and there are also ways in which IRV is clearly worse
than Plurality (Monotonicity, Summability, Participation, etc.)

When something as simple as Approval is a clear, definite & obvious
improvement over Plurality (and over IRV too), why not tell people
about IRV's deficiency wherever IRV is proposed. I've sent information
about IRV to Alaska's Democrat party and have suggested some points
for ballot arguments against IRV. I encourage others to do the same,
in Alaska, and wherever else the IRV snake-oil promoters are at work.

Mike Ossipoff

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