[EM] Simple Question

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Thu Aug 15 16:56:31 PDT 2002


I may just be dense and uninformed.  In fact, I'm certainly dense and
uninformed on many subjects.  That said...

I couldn't quite follow your reply to Richard concerning elections that
pick one winner from a set of two candidates.  So, my question is as

Would you be willing to describe in simple, layman's terms, the election
procedure that you would recommend for selecting a single winner from a
set of two candidates?

I know that you prefer to discuss these issues in a more technical,
rigorous manner, but if the study of election methods is to have any
relevance to the rest of the world (a desirable but perhaps not essential
thing) then the methods should be amenable to a simple statement for the
layman.  The justification for selecting that method over others may, of
course, be highly technical.

Also, I realize that according to many people there is no "perfect"
election method but most of us have our own preferred method.  Has your
careful study led you to prefer some particular method for choosing a
single winner from a set of two candidates?


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