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Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sun Sep 23 12:26:48 PDT 2001

Interesting.  It certainly calls into question the assumption made by
some, that most people would *want* to be able to express all of their
preference on a ballot.  I see no widespread evidence of this.  I
suspect that most would be satisfied with merely removing the Hobson's
choice of having to choose a favorite, or a lesser-evil, but not both.

Along the same lines, I seem to recall that the STV method used in NYC's
school board elections is not terribly popular there.  I believe it was
nearly scuttled in favor of limited voting, but the change was rejected
by the U.S. Justice Department on grounds that it would have impacted
minority representation.  Had the STV opponents chosen cumulative voting
instead of LV, the change may well have been approved.


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> Forest
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> The unofficial final results for the City of Eugene ballot measure,
> from <http://www.co.lane.or.us/Elections/20010918.htm>, are 34.3%
> in favor of preference voting and 65.6% against.
> Fillard

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