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Sat Sep 22 11:03:59 PDT 2001

craigl at wrote in part-

I expect you're right, but isn't the Condorcet Criterion phrased something

like "if there is a sincere Condorcet winner, and all voters vote sincerely,

then the sincere Condorcet winner must win"?  I admit that it doesn't mean

very much if, in practice, the sincere condorcet winner sometimes doesn't

win because people don't vote sincerely, but it does provide a distinction

between Condorcet methods and approval, plurality etc.
D- The sincere/insincere horse has been beat to death so many times on this 
list that I have lost count.

A standard 3 choice circular tie.

34 ABC
33 BCA
32 CAB


Who, if anybody, has 50 *sincere* and/or *insincere* votes ???

Add the reverse order math.

32 CBA
33 ACB
34 BAC

99 more

Who (if anybody), then has 100 *sincere* and/or *insincere* votes ???

Will the earth crash into the sun if there are, horror of horrors, some 
*insincere*  votes (for the lesser of the perceived evils)  --- resulting in 
a majority winner ???

Has the voting range of 100 percent (FOR) to minus 100 percent (AGAINST) 
disappeared ???

Have Mr. Arrow's observations about having 3 or more choice been overthrown 

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