[EM] Dyadic Rated Pairs

Roy royone at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 14:59:32 PDT 2001

Forest Simmons wrote:
> It seems natural to me to reckon the weak relations
> (A > B and C > D) at half the rate of the stronger relations
> (the four that straddle the double inequality).
> The method generalizes in an obvious way to any number of 
> candidates.

Not entirely obviously: is >>> twice as strong as >>, or merely 1.5
times as strong?

I'm going to bring up again (just for the record) that:
1. Assigning numbers to ranked preferences introduces "data" that
isn't necessarily an accurate interpretation of the voters'
2. CR type ballots can be used for this, with the voters supplying the

I also think that your method, when multiple ballots are summed, still
depends on a winning margin. It's just a weighted margin, isn't it?

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