[EM] Seven +/- Two

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Fri Sep 21 11:56:45 PDT 2001

I agree that your (warped?) suggestion would do the job for all practical
purposes, and also agree with your comment about which problem is harder
to cope with. 


On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Roy wrote:

> Forest Simmons wrote:
> > Very astute observation. In elections with more than twenty or
> > thirty candidates, there would have to be something to fall back on
> > if the statistics didn't come through for us.
> How about:  at any stage, if no candidates are eliminated, we warp 
> right to the Approval stage?
> It's conceivable that an election could have 20 or 30 candidates, but 
> in that case, I think the problem of information overloaded voters 
> dwarfs the problem of evaluating their preferences.

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