[EM] two bit ratings

Richard Moore rmoore4 at home.com
Thu Sep 20 22:07:47 PDT 2001

Forest Simmons wrote:

> Clarification:
> It satisfies a version of the Condorcet Criterion relativized to the
> ballot type:
> If there is a candidate A such that for any other candidate B, it is the
> case that candidate A is preferred over candidate B on more ballots than
> candidate B is preferred over candidate A, then candidate A is the
> method's designated winner. 
> This is the closest we can get to the Condorcet Criterion for any method
> that doesn't require complete rankings.

It is interesting to note that Approval meets this "Relaxed 
Condorcet Criterion". But I have to temper my enthusiasm by 
noting that, so does Plurality.


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