[EM] Seven +/- Two

Roy royone at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 10:45:42 PDT 2001

Forest Simmons wrote:
> Start with ordinary pairwise comparisons based on candidate subsets 
> of size two. If there is no CW, then do "the count" on subsets of
> size three. If there is no "beats all" candidate on that basis,
> then go to subsets of size four. If it doesn't terminate before
> reaching the whole set count, then it will terminate at that stage
> because that stage is equivalent to Approval which doesn't suffer
> from the problem of cycles. 

Groovy. The complexity could be somewhat reduced by only advancing 
members of the Smith Set. A win of A>B eliminates B as a possible 
winner in any set containing both A and B, right?

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