[EM] Multiple Attacks on the U.S.A.

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Fri Sep 14 10:33:50 PDT 2001

Is this a new alternative to IRV that you are now promoting?

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001 donald at mich.com wrote:

> >Turn on your TV
> Retaliate Yes, but let's do it right this time: by Donald Davison
> .
>    In our past retaliations to terrorist acts we have never changed the
> borders of a terrorist state, this has been a big mistake.  The only way to
> hurt the terrorist organization is to take real estate away from one of the
> states that support this terrorist organization.  Anything else we have
> done has had no lasting effect on the terrorist organization and supporting
> states.
>    If we kill their people, they will breed more people.
>    If we destroy their buildings, they will rebuild the important structures.
>    If we cost them money, the oil rich states will give them more.
>    No, the only way to hurt these terrorist states is to take away their
> land, bit by bit, until they realize they need to be civilized.
>    Terrorism is an act of war, and anyone who goes to war must be made to
> realize that they themselves run the risk of having losses, and losses
> include real estate.
>    The governments of most arab states give tact approval to the terrorist
> organization and give support in one way or another, some supply money,
> some supply recruits, some provide training camps, some provide safe
> havens, and some provide passports, regular and/or diplomatic.
>    Whenever we are hurt by these terrorist attacks, it is acceptable for us
> to lash out at the current top two or three states supporting terrorism.
> We do not need to know exactly what role or how much each state was
> involved.
>    If we were to line up these states according to their involvement in
> terrorism, Iraq will be high on the list, I would say number two, currently
> Afghanstan is number one, but other arab states are on that list of states
> involved in the Attack on America.
>    What we should do at this time is to declare war on both Afghanstan and
> Iraq, invade Iraq and capture the southern No Fly Zone and keep it forever.
>    Someone is sure to ask: "Are we sure that Iraq had something to do with
> the current attacks on America."  No, we do not know for sure at this time,
> it would be nice to know, but we do not need to know.  It does not matter
> which we attack and invade, they all have blood on their hands.
>    Taking real estate from one terrorist state is the same as taking it
> from them all, they all will be hurt when it happens, they are all in this
> together.  This is the only way to hurt these terrorist.
>    Yes, we should retaliate, but let's do it right this time, let's take
> some real estate.

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