[EM] Craig's posts

Richard Moore rmoore4 at home.com
Thu Sep 6 19:57:50 PDT 2001

Dave Ketchum wrote:
> I am not ready to claim trolling.  There are a variety of complications:
>      He is from New Zealand.  I assume they call it English, yet there
> are different meanings for words.  For example, when he writes "papers"
> I like to read "ballots".

I'll allow for some linguistic differences, especially 
vocabulary (though I still haven't figured out "tariffs"), 
but much of Craig's syntax is very difficult to parse. Or 
more precisely, when I succeed in parsing it I find he is 
either speaking in non sequiturs, or else insulting somebody 
(perhaps everybody). That is why I consider his posts to be 

As further evidence, you could look to his last post before 
he quit the group in April (#7283 in the archives). After an
exchange with Martin Harper, he wrote:

"I decline to answer. I am quitting. This list has 
subscribers that appear to be very stupid."

Now it appears he has left again. Doubtless with the same 
low opinion of all of us.

>           He likes FBC, and inspired Forest Simmons to formally define
> that yesterday on this reflector (Forest is willing to do equations).

My impression was the opposite, that he did not like FBC, 
and that he was attempting to ridicule what he saw as the 
lack of a formal definition. The statement of FBC on 
electionmethods.org is plain enough. Thanks to Forest for 
formalizing it, by the way (whether or not Craig is satisfied).


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