Circular defeats [was Re: IRV is summable (a little)]

Wed Sep 5 10:38:07 PDT 2001

bartman at wrote in part --

[P.S.  Think the patient should consider the utilities of the three

D- Like it or not, the only *utilities* that most U.S.A. voters (who do NOT 
have election methods university math degrees) ever think about are --- guess 
what-- electric, gas, and/or water utilities.

Such voters do however recognize that 2 votes is more than 1 vote (regardless 
of the *utility* of each vote involved).

Zingers are cute ----- but what can/will a majority of John/Mary Q. 
Citizen-Voters accept to get rid of the total evil/danger of plurality in 
U.S.A. elections (especially for single winner offices -- Presidents, 
Governors, Mayors, etc.) ???

YES/NO, ranked votes --- 1, 2, etc., utilities, something else  ???

Think very simple because that's the way most folks are ----- again-- like it 
or not.

In other words, most of our fellow citizens do NOT have a clue (and do NOT 
want to have a clue) about the various A to Z criterion regarding various 
election methods--- majority versus minority is perhaps the current limit for 
most folks pending some very major public education for years and years.

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