[EM] Re: Hybrid Beats-All/Approval v. Straight Approval

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Thu Oct 25 20:36:08 PDT 2001

fsimmons at pcc.edu wrote--

Of course (as Demorep is sure to point out) this method is too complicated
and inconvenient for public consumption, but it may have private
application in situations where it is important to minimize the potential
for manipulation. 
D- Since Mr. Simmons pointed it out himself, I do not need to.

At least I may be having *some* effect about bringing up ANY *complex* reform 
election methods.

Not all voters have the 150 plus political I.Q.'s of EM folks and are 
continuously worrying about strategy, insincere voters, utility, etc., etc.

Even ranking 1, 2, 3, etc. will be a major mental strain for many John/Mary 
Q. Voters.

Anybody watching on TV about the lifestyle of Taliban folks (with their circa 
6,000 B.C. politics) in poor suffering Afghanistan ???  

Not too much apparent discussions of election method reforms among them.

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