[EM] Low tech Condorcet

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Tue Oct 23 14:22:29 PDT 2001

The Low tech Condorcet method described below can be modified to provide
low tech Approval Runoff, low tech Dyadic Approval, and even low tech IRV,
which would be an improvement on IRV itself.

Any method whose winner(s) can be deduced from CR style ballots (including
all of the Condorcet methods) can be converted into a low tech method by
making the endorsed ballots high resolution CR style.

Members of this EM list would be the expert advisors to the candidates and
political parties running them, to make sure that the endorsed ballots
were calibrated to the low tech method in question and in keeping with
the intents of the parties and/or candidates :-) 

Imagine all of the wonderful debates that would go into deciding the last
decimal place of each cardinal rating!


 On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, Forest Simmons wrote: 

> Each candidate publically endorses a sample preference ballot three weeks
> before the date of the election.
> On election day each voter (including each candidate) submits a lone mark
> secret ballot vote for the candidate whose sample preference ballot is
> most appealing to the voter.
> Each lone mark ballot is automatically converted into the preference
> ballot endorsed by the candidate receiving the lone mark vote.
> The preference ballots generated by this process are used to find the
> winner according to the rules of Ranked Pairs (or some other Condorcet
> method).
> forest

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