[EM] Low Tech Proxy P.R. Method

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Fri Oct 19 19:55:20 PDT 2001

Pending computerized voting ---  a low tech proxy proportional representation 
election method. [variable in brackets]

Sec. 1. (a) Each legislative body candidate shall get a list of all 
candidates in all districts at least [14] days prior to election day.
(b) Each candidate shall rank all the other candidates in all districts 
(using 1, 2, etc.) and file such list not later than [4 P.M. 7] days before 
election day.
(c) Lists shall be made public immediately at such deadline.
(d) If a list is not filed, then the votes for the candidate shall not be 
(e) Each Elector may vote for 1 candidate in his/her district.
(f) The [5[ candidates getting the highest number of votes in each district 
shall be elected.
(g) Each losing candidate shall have his/her votes transferred to the elected 
candidate highest on his/her rank order list.

Sec. 2.  (a) Each member (or his/her vacancy replacement) shall have a voting 
power in the legislative body and its committees, in person or by written 
proxy, equal to the number of votes that he/she finally receives.
(b) A fractional part of all members (majority, two thirds, etc.) shall mean 
the members whose combined voting powers equal or exceed such fractional part 
of the total voting powers of all members.
(c) A majority of the total voting powers in a legislative body shall be 
required for any action unless a higher or lower fractional part is specified 
in this Constitution.

Sec. 3. (a) A legislative body candidate or member shall file a written rank 
order list of persons to fill his/her vacancy, if any.
(b) The qualified person highest on the list shall fill the vacancy.
(c) The legislative body shall fill the vacancy if the preceding does not 

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