Behind the Ballot Box - single winner methods

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Fri Jun 29 17:14:08 PDT 2001

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>> Subject: [EM] Behind the Ballot Box - single winner methods

It looks like the books is very similar to his web site.  In
case anyone is unfamiliar with it, it's at:

He's primarily into PR, so it's understandable that his
coverage will be a bit skewed.  He also seems to be more
interested in practical than purely academic considerations.
And he doesn't seem to give a lot of attention to
mathematical considerations.  My impression, anyway.

>> Regarding single winner methods-

>> The book notes --

>> Plurality, p. 142
>> Two-Round Runoff Voting, p. 146
>> Instant Runoff Voting, p. 151

>> NO mention of my Hitler-Stalin-Washington IRV example (no big surprise).

>> In *somewhat buried* Appendix C he mentions-

>> Approval Voting,  p. 183
>> Condorcet Voting,  p. 187

>> *Sincere voting* made it into the Glossary of Terms, p. 203.

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