Are voters in larger or smaller states more powerful?

Mon Jun 18 15:47:46 PDT 2001

The U.S.A. got the Electoral College for electing U.S.A. Presidents since the 
1787 Federal Convention folks were not able to propose a uniform national 
definition of elector for electing U.S.A. Representatives.  See Art. I, Sec. 
2, Cl. 2.

The 2000 ANTI- democratic result of the 12th Amendment --

U.S.A. President and Vice-President

*26.36* percent of the Nov 2000 voters for U.S.A. President de facto elected 
the President and Vice-President (271 of 538 Electoral College votes in 30 

If Mr. Gore had won Florida, then the minority rule percentage would have 
about the same (in the other 20 States, Florida and D.C.)

It is little wonder that folks in other countries think the U.S.A. President 
election *system* is completely nuts.

What was expedient in 1787 is now totally dangerous --- like having a nuclear 
reactor in a meltdown mode.

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