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LAYTON Craig Craig.LAYTON at add.nsw.gov.au
Sun Jun 17 16:56:17 PDT 2001

>PR by districts might give the geographical grounding that we are used to
>here in the states, with local accountability.  It might alleviate some of
>the bloc voting problem, too, if more candidates can run run as
>independents or with more local allegiance than party allegiance.

Perhaps if people are convinced they need two houses of parliament (and many
people I speak to are) a lower house could be elected in districts and a
smaller upper house could be elected by nation-wide PR.

>So for multiwinner elections not having a CW might be an advantage.
>[I didn't get much farther than that in thinking about PR/Condorcet.]
>If there were a nice PR/Condorcet method, perhaps it would generalize to
>Dyadic Approval.

There seems to be a distinct logical problem with using a pairwise count to
elect a number of candidates.  STV works well for PR because it operates
much more like a plurality system.  I can't see an obvious way to use a
pairwise count for a multi-winner election.  I suspect the answer, if there
is one, is rather more complex.

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