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Sun Dec 23 14:15:59 PST 2001

This CVD site is interesting, but Jean Charles de Borda argued that we cannot
be sure the plurality winner is the most preferred candidate, on the whole,
unless he/she receives more than N-1/N of the votes, where 'N' is the number of
candidates (see Borda's article in Iain McLean and Arnold B Urken; eds.;
_Classics of Social Choice_; Ann Arbor; University of Michigan Press; 1995). In
a 3 candidate contest, for example, that means that the plurality winner must
get a super-majority of more than 2/3 of the votes before we can be sure. The
only time a mere simple majority (more than half) is enough is when there are
only 2 candidates (according to Borda's formula).

Steve Barney

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> CVD page about plurality/ minority winners in the U.S.A.

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