[EM] Re: Brief comments on FBC definitions

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Sat Dec 8 01:13:38 PST 2001

Once again--

All sorts of mysteries arise when choice C appears in addition to A and B


N1 A > B
N2 B > A
N Total

N1.1  C > A > B
N1.2  A > C > B
N1.3  A > B > C

N1 subtotal

N2.1  C > B > A
N2.2  B > C > A
N2.3  B > A > C
N2 subtotal

N Total

Thus----  C may beat both (be a Condorcet winner), lose to both (be a 
Condorcet loser) or beat A or B (be a Condorcet survivor).

C may cause A or B or be a 100 percent clone of C (cloner) or be a 100 
percent clone of A or B (clonee).

A number of methods try to make a big deal that such- and- such case may 
happen if choice Z is added, removed or is a cloner or a clonee.

Add choice D for more math -- 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24 combinations.

Add 100 to 0 percentage *absolute* votes to the math for more complexity.

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