[EM] New poll

Rob LeGrand honky1998 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 11 09:47:02 PDT 2001

Howdy all,

I'd like to conduct another poll, this time based on identification with the
stated principles of American political parties.  I will post a ranked ballot
that will list seven parties:

Constitution Party   http://www.constitutionparty.com/
Democratic Party     http://www.democrats.org/
Green Party          http://www.greenparty.org/
Natural Law Party    http://www.natural-law.org/
Libertarian Party    http://www.lp.org/
Reform Party         http://www.reformparty.org/
Republican Party     http://www.rnc.org/

I strongly encourage using the links above and the Party Matchmaking Questions
at http://www.3pc.net/matchmaker/quiz.html to help you decide how to cast your
ballot.  For example, please don't vote the Greens first just 'cause you like
Nader or vote the two major parties last just out of spite.  Some of the
parties might surprise you with their principles.

The ballot will include a column for ranks (1 best, 7 worst) and a column for
cardinal ratings (100 best, 0 worst).  Please vote a full ballot; tied rankings
(and thus truncation) are not allowed.  Feel free to use strategic ranking if
you think it will help a party you like, but please use your best honest
approximation about your cardinal ratings, even if your highest rating is less
than 100 or you have tied ratings.  I will use the beatpath method (equivalent
to Cloneproof SSD with no-tie ballots) to determine the winner from the ranked
ballots.  Completed ballots posted to the list will be considered spoiled; send
ballots only to honky98 at aggies.org.  I will accept them up until 12:00 noon
U.S. Central Time on Sunday, August 19th.  Thanks!

Rob LeGrand
honky98 at aggies.org

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