[EM] Maximum Consent

Anthony Simmons bbadonov at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 21:58:19 PDT 2001

>> From: Forest Simmons <fsimmons at pcc.edu>
>> Subject: Re: [EM] Maximum Consent

>> Although a preference ballot may have a greater quantity 
>> of information, the Approval ballot has the most relevant 
>> information for consent of the governed: i.e. which 
>> candidates could the voter willingly give consent to. 

As may have been mentioned here once or twice, most of the 
information in an IRV ballot never gets used.  Actual 
quantity of info used in round 1 is same as FPTP -- minimal.  
Little is added in each subsequent round.  In fact, the 
strategy -- transferring the votes of the last place 
candidate, and therefore transferring the fewest votes -- 
adds as little new information as possible.  It seems that 
the guiding principle in IRV is to minimize the amount of 
information actually used.  Strange, since the ballot itself 
contains much more info than Approval.

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