Reply to Randy

Mon Aug 6 11:54:12 PDT 2001

IRV only makes use of ONLY PART of a place votes table.

 Place Votes Table

     1   2    3     4 

A   A1   A2   A3    A4
B   B1   B2   B3    B4
C   C1   C2   C3    C4
D   D1   D2   D3    D4

Assume C1 is the lowest in the 1st place votes column.

Some of the C1 second choice votes may become A2, B2 or D2 votes which are 
then added to the A1, B1 or D1 votes respectively.

On its face this is more than a little defective since it uses *PARTIAL* 
information of ONLY the place votes table.

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