Maximum Consent

Thu Aug 2 00:42:05 PDT 2001

Mr. Moore wrote in part-

Whether forcing 50/50 ballots really is a desirable goal, 
outside the information-theoretical considerations, is 
debatable. It discourages strategic voting but replaces it 
with something that might be worse: excessive constraints. I 
think many of us feel strategy in Approval is not a bad 
thing, and that Approval has about the right constraints as is.

D- For new folks, I mention again ---- Approval is defective since in reality 
land most choices are NOT equal.



B = F = T = C

Possible/Probable Reality 

B > F  >> T > C >>>> X, Y, Z

However, even with such defect, Approval is a whole lot *better* than 
plurality (in reducing the possibility of electing extremists).

When number voting (1, 2, etc.) comes to legislative body elections, then it 
will shortly come to executive and judicial elections in the U.S.A.

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