Majority winner set

Tue Nov 28 04:27:23 PST 2000

Mr. Ossipoff wrote-

No, a voting system must be defined in terms of how it acts on
people's actual votes, not on their preferences.
 The only input available to the voting system is the
voters' actual votes.

There's no need for me to introduce a new concept for what input to
refer to when defining voting systems. All of us define them in
terms of people's votes. The voting system specifies a way that
voters may express their preferences in the balloting, and a count
rule for choosing a winner based on those ballots. That's how
voting systems are defined, by everyone who defines a voting system.
D- I am happily shocked.   I have been noting such political fact of life 
(actual votes produce results) for circa 3 years on this list.

Some minor chaos results in election methods due to the actuality/ 
possibility of having divided majorities and divided minorities (producing 
circular ties in some cases).

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