Instant Runoff Voting and the Exhaustive Ballot

Sun Nov 26 14:03:25 PST 2000

Mr. Davison wrote--

     If we were to have an election and the leading candidate does not
receive a majority, no one has the right to declare him the winner. No,
because most of the voters wanted someone else. So, we need a solution.
D- Thanks for your conclusory type propaganda.  Try brainwashing some other 
list with IRV for executive and judicial offices.  Try getting on one of the 
Sunday morning political talking heads TV shows or on Nightline.  Good luck.

Vote YES/NO on each choice.  

If no YES majority, then nobody wins (would ANY of the 2000 U.S. President 
candidates deserve to get a YES majority ???)

If one YES majority, then he/she wins.

IF 2 or more YES majorities, then the highest YES majority wins.

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