[EM] It's as simple (and subjective) as that: I feel that theCondorcet Criteria is important

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sun Nov 12 21:29:17 PST 2000

Craig Carey wrote:

> I appealed to Rob Lanphier to get answers from Mr Mike Ossipoff,
> a current subscriber. The questions were two in number and easy
> and Mr Lanphier rejecting my questions. One question was for a
> probability of the {99, 1} election where the candidate with
> 99% of the vote lost. Another was a request (to Rob Lanphier) for
> a statement by Mike Ossipoff on what was on Approval Voting papers.
> Rob would have to get the requests to Mike Ossipoff to satisfy me.
> He can do that by posting to the mailing list. This is what the whole
> dispute is over. Mr Rob Lanphier refuses to post to the mailing
> list, and untruth and subscribers' ongoing suffering was being
> protected. To properly inquire into the list owner's mistakes, I
> would have to demand that he, not Mike Ossipoff, respond to
> questions. I just had one failure. I guess that in a couple of
> weeks from now, if not sooner, Mike Ossipoff will be starting up
> again. I won't be subscribed to read it all.


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