[EM] Looks like Mike got published...

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 11 21:59:10 PST 2000

I'm deligted to hear that they published my reply. I don't know if
I only got into the Internet edition, or actually in the printed
edition. _The Nation_ seems less likely, though. It's great that
we seem to have gotten the opportunity to answer in _Discover_ and
that Chronicle publication. I hope that it's read by lots of

Still, it seems that Richie is continually having articles published
everywhere, and the letters to the editor replies that get printed
about IRVie articles are like a few snipers getting a few shots at
a humungous advancing army column. Of course there's always the possibility 
that a letter will be noticed by one of Richie's
important supporters, or someone whose oppostion could have a powerful
effect, or that it could come to lots of people's attention, if
someone important or highly regarded called attention to it.

So it's great news to hear that two of our letters got published,
in Internet of print.

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