[EM] Let's found an organization to oppose IRV

David Catchpole s349436 at student.uq.edu.au
Thu Nov 9 15:38:20 PST 2000

Sad. And you will need an upbeat name. Instead of "Anti-IRV" you'll need
"Pro-something". Pro-what?

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, MIKE OSSIPOFF wrote:

> Our little IRVies have been very busy. And very numerous. Who has
> time to answer all their bullshit articles? Who has time to actually
> speak against each one of their proposals to enact their nonreform,
> all around the country?
> It would take at least a few people, dividing the work. Our
> anti-IRvie organization wouldn't have to as big as CVD, of course.
> Each person added would significantly decrease the work per person.
> Even a few people could make the job feasible.
> Would anyone like to help me found a national organization to
> prevent the enactment of IRV in the U.S.?
> Mike Ossipoff
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