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>Dear Editor:
>Dana Mackenzie's article [May the Best Man Lose, November] may be the
>best treatment of the subject I have seen in a popular publication.  Of
>the featured voting systems, Borda could well be the method of choice
>for engineering applications where the voters are automata incapable of
>varying preference levels.
>Not so with human voters.  Suppose the voters rate candidates on a scale
>of 0-10 (ratings in parentheses):
>45%   Clinton(10)   Perot(1)   Bush(0)
>25%   Perot(10)     Bush(1)    Clinton(0)
>30%   Bush(10)      Perot(1)   Clinton(0)
>Here Perot is the Borda winner, even though 75% of voters strongly
>dislike Perot.  The runoff winner (Bush) is despised by 70%, while the
>plurality winner is only rejected by 55% (and seems the best choice in
>this example).
D- We have been through this about 4 times on this list.

Who is getting above 50 percent of the votes that have an above 5 rating (in 
the polls or the election) (aka a YES vote) ???

Looks like none of the 3.  All 3 should lose.  Would some more candidates 
show up ???

If ratings were being used in the 7 Nov 2000 election for U.S.A. President, 
would ANY of the candidates get above 50 percent of the votes that have an 
above 5 rating ???

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