[EM] Ranked Pairs

Blake Cretney bcretney at postmark.net
Wed Nov 15 08:57:49 PST 2000

I recently realized that Tideman actually called his method "Ranked
Pairs".  So, I'm going to start referring to it as Ranked Pairs rather
than Tideman's method.  I don't consider calling it Tideman's method to
be wrong.  It certainly is Tideman's method.  However, I think that for
the purposes of advocating a method, it makes sense to have it at least
vaguely descriptive, if only as a mnemonic.  It also makes sense to use
the same name as the inventor, and to use the same name as a prior
publication.  So, I'm changing my web site to reflect this.  I urge
other Tideman advocates (ie Mike) to change the name on their web sites

Blake Cretney

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