[EM] pairwise matrices and ballots

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sun Feb 27 01:29:02 PST 2000

> Brams & Fishburn, whom I'll quote in this letter, speak of
> MaxMin votes-for. It seems to me that the Simpson-Kramer definition
> in the _Journal of Economic Perspective_ is written that way too.
> So it isn't usually necessary to guess what they meant. And if
> someone _were_ completely vague about it, then they could mean
> votes-against or votes-for, and that would mean it would make a
> difference whether we look at all of a candidate's pairwise
> comparisons or just at his defeats.

There's something in Nurmi(1987) regarding what he calls Maximin,
derived from Simpson and Kramer.  FWIW.

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