Non-votes aren't half-votes.

Sat Feb 26 05:23:21 PST 2000

Mr. Ossipoff wrote-

I don't know why there would be any question about that.
A non-vote isn't any kind of a vote. A non-vote isn't a half-vote
for anyone. A non-vote isn't a pair of opposite half-votes.
Example- (X) = no explicit vote (i.e. a truncated vote)

26 BC(A)  26 BC, 26 BA, 26 CA total 3 x 26
25 CB(A)  25 CB, 25 CA, 25 BA total 3 x 25
49 A(B=C) 49 AB, 49 AC, 49 B=C total 3 x 49

There is either 
26 BC 25 (no half votes) or
50.5 BC 49.5 (using half votes)

If half votes are not used, then what happens to the 49 B=C ? 
It does not exist in a matrix ??? (when it obviously does)

If same number votes are allowed, then there might also be cases like
1     2 2 2     3 [5]
A > [B=C=D] > E       etc.

Does one ignore such real tie votes when compairing the choices involved (B 
vs. C, B vs. D, C vs D) ?

What would an "average" citizen voter think ?

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