Circular tie solutions should be obvious

Sat Feb 19 22:03:56 PST 2000

Mr. Ossipoff wrote in part (via Demorep1 on Feb. 15, 2000)--

"Drop the weakest defeat that is in a cycle with defeats that are
all stronger than it is". Repeat that until there's an unbeaten

This has been called "Sequential Dropping" ("SD").

SD differs from DCD in that SD starts with the weakest instead
of dropping simultaneously, and stops when it makes one
undefeated candidate.
D- This appears to be what I have noticed regarding clones.

Back to basics-

One total clone (B)
99 AB

There is a style shift that splits the 99 majority.

66 AB
33 BA

66 AB 33

A third choice (C) comes along and splits the 66 majority.

34 ABC
32 CAB

33 BCA
66 AB 33 (same as above)
67 BC 32 
65 CA 35

Is there still support for the single step tiebreaker using the fewest votes 
against in the worst defeat (especially with 4 or more choices in a circular 
tie) ?

My standard comment---  a choice should be getting a majority YES vote 
whether or not it is in a circular tie (in a public legislative body and/or 
in a public election for executive or judicial officers).   The above assumes 
that each choice in a circular tie having 3 or more choices gets such a YES 
majority vote of all the voters.

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