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A historical digression from ordinary postings--

The PBS TV network in the U.S.A. had a show on 21 Feb 2000 about the Greeks 
and the origins of Democracy (thanks to Cleisthenes of Athens).

We build on the works of our illustrious predecessors (which have enabled us 
to have the luxury of this list).  

Today in the U.S.A., there are various indirect minority rule gerrymanders 
for electing each house of the U.S. Congress, each state legislature and the 
U.S. President and Vice-President.  Nothing new in 2,500 years !!!???

Index of the PBS TV show with various links--


570 BC - Cleisthenes born / early life
560 BC - Athens During Cleisthenes' Youth
510 BC - Hippias is driven out of Athens
510 BC - Cleisthenes First Period of Power
508 BC - Isagoras Seizes Power
507 BC - Revolution in Athens
507 BC - Cleisthenes Recalled

c.523 BC - Themistocles' Early Life
c.523 BC - Themistocles' Rise to Power
491 BC - King Darius of Persia demands Greek Submission
490 BC - The Battle of Marathon
487 BC - Themistocles and his rivals
483 BC - Themistocles persuades Athens to build a navy
480 BC - Attica in Panic - the Oracle at Delphi
480 BC - Athens Evacuated
480 BC - The Battle of Salamis
479 BC - Themistocles and the aftermath of war
479 BC - Themistocles & the walls of Athens
470 BC - Themistocles' Ostracism
460 BC - Themistocles' Dies in Exile
c.493 - Pericles early life
472 BC - Pericles enters public life
460 BC - Pericles' rise to power
451 BC - Pericles' Citizenship law & Aspasia
447 BC - The Acropolis rebuilt
443 BC - Pericles' defeats his rivals
438 BC - Pericles Triumphant- Athens at its height
431 BC - Pericles persuades Athens to go to war
430 BC - The plague strikes Athens
429 BC - The Long Death of Pericles

469 BC - Socrates' birth and early life
431 BC - Socrates and the War
c.420s - Socrates and the Oracle of Delphi
c.420s - Socrates and his method
423 BC - Socrates and the Sophists

c.460 BC - Aspasia of Miletus
c.445 BC - Aspasia - A Hetaira?
440 BC - Aspasia and Pericles: A Marriage Forbidden
431 BC - Aspasia and Pericles: First Couple of Athens
429 BC - Aspasia and Pericles: Triumph to tragedy
406 BC - Aspasia after Pericles

Greek Culture
Agora, The
Different Types of Greek Drama and their importance, The
Great Playwrights of Athens' 'Golden Age', The
Greek Women: Marriage and Divorce
Hetaira and Courtesans
Houses of Athens, The
Intellectual Life in Athens during its height
Leisured Life: The Gymnasia
Leisured Life: The Theatre
New sculpture: Critius boy vs. the traditional Kouros
Olympic Games - The Events, The
Oracle at Delphi, The
Origin of the Olympic Games, The
What the Olympic Games were actually like
Origins of Theatre - The First Actor, The
Origins of Theatre - The First Plays (continued), The
Plague - Thucydides account of the Plague, The
Populace of Athens - Freemen, The
Populace of Athens - Metics, The
Populace of Athens - Slaves, The
Populace of Athens - Women, The
Populace of Athens, The
Streets of Athens, The
Women and Myth

Greek Politics
404: The Tyranny of the Thirty
405: Athens Defeated
407: Downfall (Lysander becomes Spartan War Leader)
411: Democracy Overthrown (The Brief Rule of the 400)
Cleisthenes Favor
Delian League
Final End of Athenian Democracy, The
How Pisistratus took power
How Salamis was remembered - Aeshylus' The Persians
Pericles Funeral Oration in Depth
Pisistratus Rules as Tyrant & Reforms The Economy
Reforms of Cleisthenes - the Council of Five Hundred, The
Reforms of Cleisthenes - the tribes, The

Greek Warfare
418: War By Other Means (Alcibiades becomes leader of Athens)
421: The Peace of Nicias
425: The War Descends into Barbarity
Athens Refuses to be defeated (Sparta and Persia strike up an alliance in 413)
Battle of Plataea, The
Pelopennesian War - 431: The Beginning of the Great War, The
Persians Invade - Thermopylae, The
Phidippides' & the First Marathon
Reasons for the Peloponnesian War in More Detail, The
Sicilian Campaign of 415, The
Tactics Used At Marathon / continued, The
Tactics Used At Marathon, The
Themistocles' Order for Athens to be Abandoned (The Declaration of 
Themistocles' message to Xerxes
Trireme, The

Greek Architecture
Buildings of the Acropolis, The
Colonus Agoraeus, The
History of the Acropolis, The
Houses of Athens, The
Inside the Parthenon
Oracle at Delphi, The
Parthenon, The
Pynx, The

Other People in Greek History
Alcmaeonids And How They Acquired Their Wealth, The
Artemisia, Warrior-Queen of Halicarnassus
Historians, The
Importance of Homer, The
Law-maker Dracon, The
Pisistratus Rules as Tyrant & Reforms The Economy
Plato and the legacy of Socrates: Aristotle
Plato and the legacy of Socrates
Sophists, The
Who was Homer?
Who was Solon?
Who were the 'Accursed'?

Other Places and Cultures
Mycenean Civilisation, The
Other Greek city-states, The
Rest of the World at the time of Classical Greece, The
Sparta: Famous quotes about Spartan life
Sparta: Government and classes
Sparta: Origins
Why did Greece develop city-states?
Background to the Greek colonies of Turkey
Also on The Greeks Web Site
Acropolis Experience
The Making Of The Greeks
Order The Greeks Home Video and Companion Book
Educational Resources
Greeks Interactive
Virtual Socrates Screensaver (PC Version)
Virtual Socrates Screensaver (Mac Version)

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