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The "principle 1" is incorrectly defined.

New definition:

Principle 1 (P1), Sat 18 Sept 1999

For all c (c is a candidate), all V, all V' (where
 V and V' are election systems), then if
  V' in AltAtAfter(V,c) and c loses V, then c
  also loses V'.

AltAtAfter(V,c) is defined to be the set of all
 election papers collections that can be derived
 from V by altering preferences at and/or after the
 preference for preference c.

For example, 

  10 ABC
  11 B

One system in AltAtAfter(V,'B') is this:
 10 A
  2 AB
  3 ACB
  4 AD
  1 B
  1 C

No deletion of the ABC papers was possible, so
 since A has 19, 9 papers did come from the alteration
 of the 11 B preferential voting papers.

At 06:01 99/09/18, Craig Carey wrote:
>                Principle 1 (later superceded)
>     Alterations of preferences after a preference
>     for a winning candidate never cause that
>     candidate to lose.
>Principle 1 can apply to more than one voting paper type,
> and when the candidate is in the first preference, then
> it permits deletion.
>I have a question for Mr Catchpole and Mr Markus Schulze, or
> anybody who wishes to answer:
 Does Condorcet (1 winner) satisfy the (P1) ('principle 1')
  principle that is shown above ?.
>Please respond with a proof or a counter example.
What's that multiwinner method Schulze has: surely that's failed
 by (P1).
There could be a few more theories failed by my principle (P1).
It would be interesting to see if some can get a few of the
 giant scurrying brown cockroach like theories that move
 past the vision of the recipients of this mailing list (the
 'election-methods-list at eskimo.com' mailing list).

G. A. Craig Carey. Avondale, Auckland, NEw Zealand, 18Sep99 

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