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Wed Sep 30 15:16:57 PDT 1998

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> Does Margins have any opponents who are still pursuing pair-wise
> methods?  Otherwise, the debate should really be marginal
> Condorcet vs. Approval, etc. instead of Margins vs. Votes-Against.

There were several people on this list who agreed with me that
you're not getting the real benefit of rank-balloting unless
you have GMC. There may still be; I don't know. 

But if I'm the only one who is currently saying that Votes-Against
is better than Margins, and since I don't believe that rank-balloting
is a practical proposal, because its issues are too complicated
for most people, then it would certainly be reasonable to declare
VA to be out of the discussion.

If I was the only VA advocate, then what's now advocated here
for public elections is IRO, Margins, & Approval. As you know,
a few other postings here have recently advocated Approval.

Mike Ossipoff

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