[EM] More comments on Lord Jenkin's proposals

David Marsay djmarsay at dera.gov.uk
Fri Sep 25 07:38:08 PDT 1998

Dear Donald

An interesting question. Which is worse, a large party being 
under-represented by 100 seats, or a party with 1% of the votes 
having no seat at all?

There are some groups that might command 0.2% support that I would 
not like to see represented, but I would still prefer that to the 
present system. One would not want to set the threshold too high, 
lest the groups continue to feel unduly discriminated against.

I have thought of one problem: What about independents? Maybe there 
is some small print already. My suggestion would be to treat all 
independents as a single party, but to give seats to those who get 
the most votes but were not elected instead of having a 'party list'. 
This would encourage 'independents' to declare allegiance to a party 
so that their votes are more accurately apportioned. Maybe one could 
have a pseudo-party, such as 'left-ish independents' that simply 
exists for the purpose of vote redistribution.

I hope the system would be reviewed periodically to make any small 
adjustments that might become necessary.

David Marsay

> Dear David Marsay,
>      One thing that is missing is news of a possible artificial threshold.
>      This proposal will give representation to more small parties and their
> voters, but the size of any artificial threshold will limit that
> improvement.
>      I hope no threshold is imposed.
>      In any event this proposal will still be an improvement.
> Regards,
> Donald Davison
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