Maltese Election Data & Analysis

Norman Petry npetry at
Sat Sep 5 20:46:27 PDT 1998

Wow!  That's some coincidence.  I didn't know Maltese elections were
happening now.  Perhaps, DEMOREP1, if you get any election results you could
post them here (or maybe on ER?).

One of the more interesting pieces of election data from the web site I
mentioned are the historical voter turnout figures.  Voter turnout in Malta
is currently the highest in the world (greater than 95%), and has actually
been _rising_ in recent elections! -- a useful fact if you're arguing with
someone who says that rank balloting and/or STV is too difficult for voters
to understand, and would discourage participation.

Norm Petry

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>It so happens that Malta will be having another STV parliament election
>Sat. Sep. 5, 1998.  Election results probably by Mon. Sept. 7, 1998

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