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You wrote:
>As Mr. Davidson should well know by now (but refuses to learn), a single
>winner method should be used only for single executive or judicial offices or
>issues on the same subject (i.e. laws).

Donald: You wrong me - I am not one of those guys! I am not in favor of
using single-seat districts to elect legislative bodies. I would like to
see more seats per district. It is Mike O that is pushing single winner
methods in order to elect legislatures from single-seat districts.

>Various proportional representation methods can be used for electing members
>of legislative bodies so that X percentage of the votes produces X percentage
>of the seats (or voting power in the legislative body).
>Thus, do not let the Choice Run-Off Winner (IRO, IRV or whatever) method
>fanatics brainwash you about single winner reform.

Donald: Are you calling Lord Jenkin a fanatic?   Be nice.
     Are you not willing to say that using Choice Run-Off in a single seat
district is an improvement over using First Past The Post?
     Choice Run-Off makes this MMP type system of Lord Jenkin's better than
the MMP of New Zealand.
     Sure, if the districts were enlarged to two or more seats that would
be better, but it makes little difference which method is used in the
district, the second vote will correct any errors. Try MMP - you'll like
     Lord Jenkin's proposals will be a very good system compared to what
they have now and to what we have.

     No, I am not being brainwashed - but thanks for asking.

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