"To Have or Not to Have" a majority requirement

New Democracy donald at mich.com
Mon Sep 28 04:57:17 PDT 1998


     If an election method is going to produce more than one candidate with
a majority then there is no point in having a majority requirement. The
term becomes meaningless. If all the candidates have a majority are they
all winners? No, of course not, we want only one winner, but which
candidate is the real winner? I supposse we are to pick the "Lead"
candidate as the winner. The method known as First Past the Post also picks
the lead candidate as the winner. The more things change, the more they
remain the same.

     Approval Voting and Mike O's defination of "Majority" will produce
more that one candidate with a majority.

     Math is Math, words cannot make up for a lack of math.

Donald Davison

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