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The system has some merit.

I have always preferred STV but this party based secondary process would have
other benefits.
    If the inevitable coalitions founder would there be some provision for the
maintenance of the length of parliament ? If not a seeking party could cause an
emotive subject issue to force an election and thereby gain a majority situation
in a snap election.

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Dear Allen,

     I can suggest a slight addition that would answer your question.

     If the second vote also allowed the voter to use 1-2-3 ranking so that
they could rank the parties, then the resulting information could be used
with a country wide Alternative Vote to pick the party that the voters want
to form the government - even if the party did not have a majority in the
House. The power to govern now comes from the voters not the House.

     This chosen party would hold this position for a set number of years,
like four or five, then the country would have its next election.

Donald Davison

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