devious electorates, conclusion

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Wed Sep 23 03:39:37 PDT 1998

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On Wed, 23 Sep 1998, Mike Ositoff wrote:

> Another suggestion I'd made was another voter option,
> a little more elaborate than the "circular tie option", but
> more effective in getting rid of strategy need:
> The voter could have the option of indicating an ordering
> of candidates separate from his ranking; it would be his
> version of the candidates' ordering on a 1-dimensional
> policy space, like the political spectrum.
> If there's a circular tie, and if everyone in the tie has
> a majority against them, and if voters voted inconsistentlyw
> with that voter's dimensional ordering, and if the tie
> wouldn't have occurred otherwise, then the automatic
> punitive action would be taken by the election computer.
> If the winner is a candidate whose voters caused the tie byk
> their voting inconsistant with the dimensional ordering, then
> the voter who specified that ordering would want that candidate
> dropped from his ranking, and that's what the count computer
> would do, to comply with that option.
> Maybe someone an improve that.
> Mike

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