Not Really Random

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sat Sep 19 17:01:15 PDT 1998

Inistead of "Margins Random Ranking Example", I should
have said "Margins insincere extension example".

Of course in example 4, the A voters extend their ranking
in a way that isn't random.

And of course, especially in a public election, if the 
extension is genuinely random, it will cancel itself, as I said,
and it won't affect the Condorcet winner's win.

But it can when it's done lopsidedly, as in example 4, and,
as the example shows, it's a problem in Margins too. A bigger
problem, because it succeeds.

Votes-Against's truncation defense against order-reversal
(or insincere extension) is a general property of that method.


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