Margins Example Continued

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sat Sep 19 16:39:55 PDT 1998

In this example, A voters & B voters are indifferent about
everything but their favorite. A voters are like that because
this problem is about insincere ordering by indifferent voters.
B voters are indifferent between A & C because, since B is in
the middle, there's no particular reason to expect them to go
one way or the other, and so it's reasonable to have them
indifferent between the extremes. Surely if A voters are
indifferent between the other candidates, it's reasonable for
the middle voters to be also.

And, when we consider this a Votes-Against example, then of
course the B voters have strategic reason to not vote for
anyone but their favorite. In Votes-Against, the voters of the
middle of 3 candidates don't really have reason to rank anyone

Must post this now & write again.


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